About TYO Issue No. 4

Better late than never.

This is TYO's fourth issue, containing stories, poems, paintings, illustrations, photographs, and films.

The Cover

The Tarantula Nebula as seen by the Hubble Telescope.


  • Photo of Kris Hartrum

    Kris Hartrum is an Editor and the TYO evangelist.

  • Photo of Duncan Regan

    Duncan Regan is an Editor and the TYO webmaster.


  • Photo of Hisashi Okawa

    大川久志(おおかわひさし) イラストレーター。1984年兵庫県生まれ、東京都在住。 Hisashi Okawa Illustrator, Born in 1984 in Hyogo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo.

  • Photo of Robert Cameron

    Robert Cameron is a writer, editor, photographer and translator based in Tokyo.

  • Photo of Monika Mogi

    Monika Mogi is an American/Japanese photographer living and working in Tokyo, Japan. For more information go to her website at WWW.MONIKAMOGI.COM.

  • Photo of Jean Freund

    A native of France, Mr Bon has been living in Japan for 5 years. Highly influenced by posters, comics and the skateboard culture, he enjoys embracing a lot of styles like black&white illustrations, colorful graffitis, digital drawings, landscapes, travel journals & murals. He works for private individuals, newspapers, companies, and also for fun. You can find Mr Bon’s facebook page and contact him with any requests.

  • Photo of Tal Clapp

    Tal Clapp is an American poet, among other things, living and working in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Photo of Kevin Tadge

    Kevin Tadge is a photographer and filmmaker living and working in New York. He recently directed two short films, one with koalas, the other involving fruit architecture. Both coincidentally include shots of Tokyo Tower. He tries to update his website regularly, but often fails. www.kevintadge.com.

  • Photo of グロメカ (Guro Mecca)

    Guro Mecca (グロメカ) is a creative duo comprised of Hong Meow and {($)}, creating music, design, video and apparel. hongmeow.com goodpussy.info