by Robert Cameron

The subject is a white female, 27.3kg, 175cm.

The body was discovered dressed in blood-soaked corporate attire on the second floor of a five-story walkup in Nezu. There were, according to the retrieval party, no signs of traffic around the body, human or animal, and the body showed no evidence of having been tampered with. They concluded that the subject had fallen there from a great height, judging by the impact compression of the debris beneath the subject’s body and the holes in the floors and roof directly above.

The weight, it should be noted, does not include the bodily fluids, which were mostly not present; this may be due to leakage through ruptures in the skin caused by the impact. If this is the case, the fluids would have drained into the earth beneath the subject’s body. Investigation of any remnants might have proven fruitful; however the impact site was rendered inaccessible by heavy fighting for several days, and then it and its environs were destroyed by numerous large conventional explosions soon after the body was retrieved.

Cause of death has not been determined. The major and extensive blunt trauma is consistent with a fall from a great height. However, the presence of said trauma does not rule out the possibility that the subject was already dead prior to impact. Several findings suggest this conclusion; see below.

Investigation of the cranium revealed that the brain, which is predominantly meat, had sustained extensive trauma, possibly by the impact. A late-model Motorola CPU was found in the remains of the amygdala; it had been rendered inoperable, also presumably by the impact.

However – and this is undeniably the key mystery revealed by our investigation – the firmware appears to have been reset to default settings, post-mortem. Memory chips were also found; investigation revealed that these had mostly been wiped clean, as by magnetic erasure; however in the nonvolatile memory, some data remained readable, including what appears to be a cutting wit algorithm (not enabled), a database of emasculating barbs (not enabled), and an advanced femininity modulator that our team surmises must have been an effective close-in weapon in social situations – anyone in the blast zone would have been rendered mute, if not flaccid. The remnants of an Excel file, with some numerical data remaining, was also discovered; its purpose was not immediately apparent. This was sent to Systems for analysis.

The subject’s face is Cosmo-generic, customized with a light dusting of freckles over an epidermal matrix which, in combination with the aforementioned virtual femininity functionality, must have been killer. The brow is clear and unlined. The cheekbones are prominent. The teeth are retractable. The eyes are hazel.

The skeletal system is composed predominantly of calcium phosphate, with carbon nanotube ligaments, connectors and fasteners that would have provided both reinforcing and easy weaponization. The legs are inordinately long and thin; like the rest of the skeleton, these were shattered, presumably by the impact. The left arm is missing; it may have become detached and scattered by the impact, or by foraging animals, but the lack of disturbance of the body suggests that this is not the case. It may have been removed prior to the subject’s descent.

The breasts are composed mostly of silicone, with a novel carbon nanotube underbra to provide not only support, but also bulletproofing and wireless connectivity. It would also have functioned as an effective heat sink. The nipples appear to be prehensile.

Overall, the musculature is largely meat, well developed and sharply defined but shapely and feminine.

The feet are missing, replaced by prosthetic spike-heeled pumps by Jimmy Choo.

Other lower-body enhancements include calf implants, universal genitalia and a smart penis, Web-enabled.

Societal positioning/utility of the subject is also indeterminate as yet. As mentioned previously, the subject was discovered in corporate attire; this and the late-model Motorola CPU and Office file remnants all imply a high level of executive functionality. In contrast, the pornographic tramp stamp on the subject’s left buttock, as well as the switchable genitalia, retractable dentition and spike-heeled prosthetic lower limbs, all suggest a recreational utility. Indeed, the subject may have served in a heretofore unknown hybrid capacity.

All of these findings suggest numerous fruitful themes for further investigation.