About TYO Issue No. 3

This is TYO's third issue, containing stories, poems, paintings, illustrations, photographs, and films.

The Cover

Squid – noun \ˈskwid\ any of an order (Teuthoidea) of cephalopods having eight short arms and two usually longer tentacles, a long tapered body, a caudal fin on each side, and usually a slender internal chitinous support.


  • Photo of Kris Hartrum

    Kris Hartrum is an Editor and the TYO evangelist.

  • Photo of Duncan Regan

    Duncan Regan is an Editor and the TYO webmaster.


  • Photo of Shishi Yamazaki

    しし やまざき Shishi Yamazaki 1989年生まれ。東京在住。アニメーション作家。主に自身をモチーフとしたロトスコープアニメーションを制作。1日1個の顔(マスク)を毎日作り続けるDaily Mask Projectも行っている。. shishiyamazaki.com

  • Photo of Jack McLean

    Jack McLean was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He lives and works in Tokyo.

  • Photo of Marc Kaufman

    Marc Kaufman is a writer living in Tokyo. He grew up in New York and currently teaches at Sophia University.

  • Photo of Mitzi Akaha

    Mitzi Akaha is 26 and has yet to settle into a 'profession' by which to identify herself here. She was born in the Midwestern US, raised along the California coast and currently lives in Tokyo where she continually finds reasons to prolong returning 'home.' Her recent drawings, mostly completed in quiet cafe corners, tend to feature caricatures of girls that are probably born from her mood at the moment, and can be seen on her site Ichi Nichi.

  • Photo of Tomo Ishii

    アクリル絵の具とポスカペンで絵を描き、ショートフィルムも作る、東京出身のアーティスト、石井朋 彼女の作品をウェブサイトでチェックしてみてください。Tomo Ishii is an artist from Tokyo, who paints with acrylics and posca pens, and makes short films. See her work at tomoishii.com.

  • Photo of Ben Nguyen

    Ben Nguyen is a Tokyo based freelance graphic designer with a passion for all things related to design and art. Follow him on tumblr or on facebook.

  • Photo of Simon Picard

    Simon Picard is French. He loves moving around and getting impregnated by the atmospheres. His current headquarters is an old house in Nagoya, Japan